Smoothing the way for your infrastructure projects

Spare your project costly delays due to community objections

Bridging the emotional and social gap between the community and the stakeholders of invasive infrastructure projects is critical to a successful outcome that meets budget and deadline expectations.

By demonstrating your organisation’s civic responsibility and interest in protecting the wellbeing of the community, there are significant benefits to be achieved in the form of community support and ongoing good will. In turn, this fosters a culture of high employee morale and a sense of teamwork throughout your organisation. Holistically, the project itself will proceed with minimal objections, delays and added expense.

We inform, listen, report back, make recommendations and smooth the way

1st Avenue Communications will act as your mediator. Our role as Community Relations Manager is to attend the site and talk with the local community about the impact your project will have on the area. On your behalf, we will negotiate with the community to enhance their understanding of the project and determine what compromises will assist in removing obstacles.

Our speciality is in relations management for companies working with local government on streetscape and infrastructure projects. To date, we have provided community relations services for the following projects, thus smoothing the way to completion by deadline and within budget.

  • Collaroy – Pittwater Road shopping precinct upgrade (Sydney Civil 2012)
  • Gymea – Gymea Bay Road shopping precinct upgrade (Sam the Paving Man 2011 to present)
  • West Ryde community and shopping centre project (Coles supermarkets 2011 to present)
  • Angel Place upgrade (Sam the Paving Man 2011)
  • Bankstown – Chapel Road upgrade (Sydney Civil 2011)
  • Dee Why – The Strand upgrade (Sydney Civil 2011)
  • Liverpool – George Street upgrade (Sydney Civil 2010)
  • Chinatown – footpath resurfacing (Sydney Civil 2010)
  • Redfern – Bourke Street cycleway (Sydney Civil 2010 to 2011)
  • Chippendale – streetscape works (2009)

Client Spotlight: [Sydney Civil]

In Collaroy, Sydney Civil had to work along the very busy shopping strip along Pittwater Road. The community had already noted the disruption caused by work at Dee Why and were a little cautious. However, regular contact, updates and site visits assured them the work would not be as disruptive as they anticipated. They all saw a friendly community relations face at least three times during the project.

The crew worked quickly with the excavation and concreting works in front of each shop and the assurances provided by community relations were realised.

Where there were complaints about noise and dust they were addressed immediately and the feedback was extremely positive. Even when complaining the people were pleasant and this has been attributed to the work put into meeting and greeting early on in the project.

Mitigate the risk of financial and deadline blowouts by engaging 1st Avenue Communications to perform community relations services on your project. Contact us today.