Connecting your brand with the right audiences

All the right tools to help convey your brand’s personality

Your organisation’s brand is its personality, its heartbeat, its passport to recognition and adoption by consumers. It goes a very long way towards positioning your products or services above those of your competitors. For your audience to connect with your business, your brand must be engaging, appropriate and consistent across all applications.

1st Avenue Communications works with you to fully understand your business, what it stands for and what it offers to its audience. We partner with exciting designers to develop your brand or establish a rebrand. Together, we identify key messages and cultivate a communications strategy to get your brand noticed and keep it top of mind.

Some of the brand and strategy services we offer include:

  • Tag lines
  • Logos, colour schemes and graphics
  • Strategically positioning your brand for market leadership
  • Internal branding to communicate to your workforce your organisation’s values and identity and enable them to deliver on your brand promise
  • External branding to engage your followers, customers and stakeholders
  • Re-establishing brand relevance with your existing stakeholders
  • Strategic communications
  • Build reputation

The value of internal branding

The cost of replacing an existing employee is 1.5 times their salary. Consider instead the worth of demonstrating to your collective workforce your organisation’s values; values that have been carefully considered so that they reflect your employees’ need for appreciation, encouragement and validation. Gen Ys for instance want to feel a part of something. The more cohesive your workforce feels, the better their productivity and commitment to their job.
Internal branding can guide individuals towards being team players. When people share similar values, they work more effectively together. Ultimately, employee engagement is what keeps valued team members from looking for alternative positions.

Client Spotlight: Wyong Shire Council

Wyong Shire Council desired new internal branding. 1st Avenue Communications designed it to fit in with and complement existing and new internal and external branding already in use and/or recently developed.

A suite of communications tools was developed that informed, engaged or connected staff with each other and/or with management. These tools were designed to be phased in according to resourcing needs and used individually or incorporated into a larger communications program targeting the whole of Council. The tools were also designed to be built into individual performance management systems to ensure that staff are following best practice.

Each recommended tool meets best practice guidelines as follows:

  • improved employee engagement
  • mechanisms for transparent employee feedback with no recriminations
  • regular access to up-to-date information provided in a variety of formats

For brand and strategy services that will establish and promote your organisation internally or externally, contact 1st Avenue Communications today.