Public Relations

With 1st Avenue Communications in your corner, you are shielded from negative publicity and positioned under the spotlight when you have news to share. Turn to us when you require crisis management, media releases and media relations assistance and to secure speaking opportunities. Additionally, we offer writing and production services for online and print media.

Step forward or fade into the background at will.

Community Relations

Mitigate public ill will towards your project by engaging 1st Avenue Communications to bridge the social and emotional gap between your stakeholders and the community. We will respond to complaints, mediate with and educate the community and provide recommendations as to how to work towards favourable outcomes for all.

Spare your project costly delays due to community objections.

Brand Strategy

Whether creating a new brand or breathing new life into your existing one, 1st Avenue Communications will work with you to fully understand what you’re about. We will identify your audience, your competitors and your opportunities and create a strategy that will position your brand strongly and appropriately.

All the right tools the help convey your brand’s personality.

Strata Sector PR Services

In addition to our broader PR services, 1st Avenue Communications is a specialist PR service provider for the strata sector. Our clients have included Body Corporate Services (BCS) and Strata Community Australia (national and NSW).

We are uniquely positioned to write and produce in-house magazines and environmental reports, annual reports as well as marketing collateral for the strata industry.