Tyre kickers can hurt small business

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Time wastersI get really excited when out of the blue someone calls or emails and asks if I can submit a proposal to do some public relations for them. It means a couple of things for me – one that I am visible somewhere in the advertising and marketing that I do (PR’s are just as bad at doing their own promotions as builders are at building their own homes) and two, my advertising/marketing said something to them that made them think I could be their PR ‘one’.

Generally I’d like to think the second point was true but over the years I’ve had a few tyre kickers – people who contact me, encourage me to put in a proposal and then are never heard from again. I stalk them for a little while – follow up with emails and make a phone call or two but … crickets.

At least if you’re not going to engage my services tell me. Feedback is a wonderful thing – I want it, the good and bad so I can move on and be the success I hope to be.

What the tyre kickers don’t realise is that being a small company I am not as easily able to absorb the cost of taking time to do a proposal. I put heart and soul into creating a unique outline of the public relations strategy and tactics I believe would provide the best PR results.

Of course I want to do proposals and win work but if it’s my IP (intellectual property) you want to steal rather than awarding work – forget about coming to me. I need to earn money not give away my business.

If you genuinely are looking for PR assistance then please approach the agency that is right for you. If you’re not there are plenty of guides online to show you how to do PR for yourself just don’t go seeking PR if all you want to do is take someone else’s ideas and not pay for them, after all you wouldn’t want someone to do that to you, now would you?

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